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The Dream

Mats & Sia Loefkvist

Mom told me…

A few years back my mother told me that ever since I was about 15 years old, I was dreaming about living on a small South Pacific island. Of cause, I wasn’t aware of this anymore but I knew that I always had a longing to experience the incredible beauty I found in pictures and travel brochures from remote islands in the Pacific.

Coming from a cold country like Sweden, it wasn’t surprising that I looked for a warmer destination. I spent many years in the yacht charter business, cruising between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean and later after working in the hotel business, life took me to a small island called Samoa.

When I stepped out of that plane in October 1995 I just knew that it was my place. I had never been to Samoa before and I knew very little about the country.

It was raining and I told the taxi driver that I like to go to a hotel, that someone told me about, called Aggie Grey’s. All I could see was the white stones along the road and I was just happy.

Looking for my family…

I was joking to myself, asking where is my family in this place?

After 6 days out of my 10 days visit I was introduced to a beautiful local girl that promised to show me the island. We took off in my rented small car and just outside of Apia she told me that she never been to that side of the island before.

I ended up showing her her own country and today we have been married for 19 years and we have altogether 8 kids (own and adopted). I did find my paradise and my feeling and the dream was right from the beginning.

What I later discovered was that most people travel the earth looking for their perfect paradise only to discover that they have their paradise at home where they live.

Traveling certainly opens up your mind and one of the most rewarding comments that I have heard was from some visitors staying with us:

“Samoa changed our lives, finally we know what our true values are and what we want to focus on in life”

Who Should Visit Samoa?

Samoa is not for people just looking for a party. There are so many places on earth where you will find great night clubs and where you can party the whole night long…

Samoa is for people that are looking for a genuine experience together with natural and beautiful local people that are living their culture every day. Samoa is all about relaxing and experiencing the natural beauty together with the local traditions.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect and working out the way you have it at home. You need patience and time, if you are in a rush, don’t go here…

If you want to have a down to earth experience with friendly, smiling local people that could change your life, Samoa will be perfect for you.


Mats & Sia Loefkvist